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**IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have updated many of our Foot Massages + Spa Facial packages to add on new services. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call (480) 744- 6059. We'll be happy to help you!**

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Happy Feet Reflexology

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Az Foot Massage

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We offers up to 50% off online booking.

Az Foot Reflexology subscribes to an ancient healing art.

Reflexology is based on the idea that our nerve system

Enjoy the soothing affects of reflexology in one of our cozy Calming Rooms

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We Are Here To Serve You

(480) 744- 6059 By Choosing among our signature massagesAt HappyFeet Massage, we give numerous foot soaks with Chinese herbs for your foot massage. Every remedy comes with its personal unique aroma and healing components that helps you unwind, improve your overall well being, and sleep far better at night.1.Incredibly low cost for a five star atmosphere and service, Arizona first enterprise to offer you services for instance our patented hot pad for the neck which heats up and offers a really soothing relaxing comfort towards the neck and also our specific cupping the foot process which is an ancient Chinese approach of massage which assists the body detoxify.2.Our towels are washed and clean by an outside organization (Aramark) which guarantees sanitation and cleanliness for the highest standard.

3. No matter what gender or age, foot massages are suitable for everybody!!!

  • Happy Feet King Massage Feel like a king! Get pampered in our 90 minute signature foot massage that will consist of 20 minutes massaging of the head, neck, shoulder and arms /50 minutes around the leg and feet and 20 minutes around the back!
  • Loosen up Feet Classic Unbelievable! Relax Feet Classic provides you an ideal complete body massage right here in our comfy adjustable chairs for maximum comfort!
  • Relax Feet Original Unwind and appreciate a 60 minute King style foot massage that will consist of 15 minutes massaging of one’s head ,neck, shoulder ang arms /30 minutes of leg ang feet and ultimately 15 minutes on the back!
  • Relax Feet’s(Beer Drinker and Hell Raisers) This specific massage is best for smokers and drinkers. This specific massage has a focus on pressure points with the head and feet and relieves strain exactly where the liver and lungs are. We will place a hot pad around your neck calming your nervous Program and is completed with providing you a massage utilizing an ancient Chinese stick gently massaging your foot and finally we are going to finish off making use of our ancient Chinese secret for detoxification that is the cupping approach. Now you are able to delight in a further drink or two! Comes with our signature complimentary foot soak!

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